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Portrait of Tom Baumgartner

Tom Baumgartner

has always been an artist.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he funneled his varied interests of painting, photography and printmaking into the digital world.  While in Chicago, he worked as an artist and beta tester with Macromind, the start-up company that became Macromedia whose products like Flash and Director eventually became part of Adobe.

He achieved his chops through years in large format printing for clients like Walmart, Starbucks, Dr. Scholl's, and Embassy Suites.  Moving into the web world through his hand coded knowledge of HTML and CSS, he worked locally for DiyOnline.com and moved on to Art Direction at Tucson's largest PR firm Ridgewood Associates, a position he kept for 10yrs.  In 2011, he struck out on his own with Orange Design.

With 15yrs experience in the graphic world he has spent more than 30,000 hrs in front of Adobe software products.  A veteran of printed material, he's produced hundreds of pieces including billboards, magazine advertisements, convention displays, brochures, folders, and business packages.

Specialized skills include complex animations using Flash, a skill he has honed since first purchasing it in 1998.  Adding 3d graphics to the mix, he has been illustrating and animating with Carrara Studio for 12yrs.

Tom is an image addict.  As an artist, his art is locally and internationally collected. He pursues mediums including digital light boxes, web art, oil painting and ink drawing.

He also owns, curates and operates an art gallery in Tucson, Wee Gallery.


What is CMS?

cms viewCMS stands for "Content Management System."  The old model of waiting for your webmaster to change the phone number on your site is over.  CMS's like WordPress and Joomla allow you to change the content on your website yourself.  If you've ever blogged or used a word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can change the content on your site.

There are thousands of 3rd party developers in the CMS community creating extensions that can be used on your site without the need for an expensive programmer.  You can add things like shopping carts, social media hubs (your own Facebook), event planning calendars, forums, complex forms, polls, document sharing, image galleries,  slideshows, video galleries, managed pay-per-click advertising banners, and news portals.

Besides custom design and integration of these products to best fit your needs, I always train clients, including a printed button-press by button-press manual, so you can use your site to it's greatest potential.


My clients use their sites long after being built, keeping their sites live with current content.

Every client is offered in-person training as well as a printed manual specific to their site featuring button click by button click instructions and helpful screen shots.  Additionally, no question is too small to give a call.